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    BETHANY & BAILY BERRY's Story: Hello! Our names are Bethany and Baily Berry and we are mother and daughter beagles that need to find a home together for the holidays. We were stray doggies that were found lying on a bed of leaves in the woods in NJ. We were rescued by some wonderful college [...]
  • AJ & Bruce
    AJ & Bruce's Story: Please contact Claudine ([email protected]) for more information about this pet.     AJ & Bruce are  4 year old Chihuahua brothers who were rescued from a local Shelter along with their sister, who has since been adopted.  All three [...]
  • Harvey
    Harvey's Story: Please contact Claudine ([email protected]) for more information about this pet.     Our little boy Harvey was rescued from a local Shelter. When he first came into our Program he was a scared little boy who needed socialization.  He is now in a lovi [...]
  • Cola
    Cola's Story: This big guy is about 57 lbs at 9 mo old. He's very sweet and well mannered, he can be a little shy but warms up quickly. Good with other pets and would do well with children.HSAC has an over abundance of black pets up for adoption; Cola is included in our discounted adoption [...]
  • Mia
    Mia's Story: This sweet girl is about 1.5-2 yrs old. She was treated for heartworm back in November and will need to follow thru with staying on prevention and getting retested in a few months to make sure she is negative. She has a great personality and would do well in most any home.HSAC has [...]
  • Mowgli
    Mowgli's Story: This boy is so sweet & loving. Who knows the horrors he has lived thru in his short life, but he has scars to show for it. It hasn't affected how caring he is and is just happy to cuddle with you. HSAC has an over abundance of black pets up for adoption, Mowgli is inclu [...]
  • Sheeva
    Sheeva's Story: This girl is just so scared in the kennel. She and her brother were transferred from another shelter, who knows what horrors she has been thru. She is very loving and will curl up on your lap, she just needs a family that will help her with her social skills.HSAC has an over abu [...]
  • Hazel
    Hazel's Story: This sweet girl was a transfer from a southern shelter. She is very mild mannered & cuddly, good with other pets and would be good with children. Primary Color: Brindle Secondary Color: Brown Age: 0yrs 6mths 0wks Hazel's info: Pet ID #: 9402 Breed: American Pit Bull Terr [...]


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  • Bell
    Bell's Story: Primary Color: Orange Tabby Age: 0yrs 2mths 2wks Bell's info: Pet ID #: 9470 Breed: Domestic Shorthair Color: Unknown Sex: Female Age: Kitten Bell is: already spayed
  • Jingle
    Jingle's Story: Primary Color: Orange Tabby Age: 0yrs 2mths 2wks Jingle's info: Pet ID #: 9469 Breed: Domestic Shorthair Color: Unknown Sex: Female Age: Kitten Jingle is: already spayed
  • Kitty
    Kitty's Story: Kitty is the one to greet people who come into our cat room-curious, observant, friendly and a lover of attention, Kitty often reaches up your leg or sits on your shoulder, always happy to be picked up and cuddled. Kitty's info: Breed: Domestic Shorthair Color: Tan Or Fawn T [...]
  • Buttercup
    Buttercup's Story: Buttercup and her brother, Parker, are new additions to Beacon. Buttercup is a bit more outgoing with people than her brother and she has great markings on her face that give her that unique torti appearance. Buttercup is looking for a home where she can play away and be the [...]
  • Parker
    Parker's Story: Parker just arrived at Beacon along with his sister, Buttercup, and has been really enjoying his new found freedom outside of his cage. Active (of course- he's a kitten!), friendly and just a beautiful cat, Parker would be perfect for a home with kids or other cats, or both [...]
  • Mike
    Mike's Story: Mike is a wonderful older kitty who loves to get lots of attention and is a volunteer favorite. Mike has been with us for too long though and really needs a home of his own where he can soak up all the attention he deserves! Mike qualifies for our reduced adoption fee under the &q [...]
  • Gilda
    Gilda's Story: I was named Gilda after the actress/comedian, Gilda Radnor, because I am a bit of a clown. I do like mischief and I definitely make the volunteers at Beacon laugh. What's not so funny is how long I've been waiting to find a home-almost 7 years! I am not willing to share [...]
  • Gracie
    Gracie's Story: Gracie is a gorgeous silver grey tabby with striking green eyes who has always been very shy with people so will never really be a lap cat but she would be a great barn cat. Gracie is in incredibly good health and at roughly 11 years old, she has never been sick! Gracie is very [...]
  • Rachel
    Rachel's Story: Rachel is one of our cats who would work out best as a barn cat. Not friendly towards people, she would be happiest outside catching mice or other unwanted critters or she could live with other cats in a managed colony. Rachel's info: Breed: Domestic Mediumhair Color: Gray [...]


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