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  • Ricky
    Ricky's Story: I am a handsome and sweet young man who is looking for a forever home. My sister, Lucy, and I were found abandoned in a box and a very kind person brought us to safety at the First [...]
  • Lucy
    Lucy's Story: I'm a cute young cat with black and white markings and great big eyes. I'm extremely affectionate, so much so that I will rub vigorously against the hand of anyone petting [...]
  • Twizzle
    Twizzle's Story: Hello, my name is Twizzle and I'm a very cute tortoiseshell kitty with orange and black markings and medium length fur. I have a lovely long and fluffy tail and I'm qui [...]
  • Licorice
    Licorice's Story: I'm a sweet black kitty with medium length fur and a long fluffy tail. I'm known as Licorice for obvious reasons, and I'm an active, friendly, playful and talkati [...]
  • Ziara
    Ziara's Story: My name is Ziara and I'm a lovely chocolate point siamese mix with cream-colored fur and beautiful blue eyes. I'm friendly, affectionate, playful and like most siamese I& [...]
  • Callie
    Callie's Story: CALLIE is a sweet and gentle short-haired tortoiseshell adult female kitty with pretty orange highlights and a beautiful face. She was adopted as a baby, but her owner could no lo [...]
  • Agnes
    Agnes's Story: AGNES is a calm and gentle adult female kitty with soft, plush black fur. She'€™s about 3 to 4 years old. She was dumped in a mobile home park, but lu [...]
  • Button
    Button's Story: BUTTON is a super sweet, solid gray female with medium-short hair, who looks to be a Russian Blue and Manx mix. She is about 11 to 12 years old. Her tail is so cute - just about 2 [...]
  • Clove
    Clove's Story: CLOVE is a sweet and strikingly beautiful short-haired tortoiseshell female kitty with pretty orange highlights. She's estimated to be 3 to 5 years old. She's a very love [...]
  • Black Beauty
    Black Beauty's Story: I am a very sweet and lovely young lady who came from a desperate situation. I was brought to the shelter with some of my housemates because my person had too many animals - [...]


  • Kirk
    Kirk's Story: Dogs-No. Intros haven't gone well here Kirk's info: Pet ID #: 22455387 Breed: Boxer/Labrador Retriever Mix Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg) Color: Unknown Sex: Male Age: [...]
  • Lola
    Lola's Story: Do you like other dogs? I have played with other young puppies, I will need slow intros to adults. Lola's info: Pet ID #: 22488295 Breed: Redbone Coonhound/Bluetick Coonhound M [...]
  • Keisha
    Keisha's Story: I came to Greenhill from First Avenue Shelter where I came in as a stray, The staff here doesn't know alot about my history outside of shelter life. I can be shy when I first [...]
  • Tator
    Tator's Story: You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website. Tator  is a 4+ month old border collie/terrier mix.  We don't now what kind of terrier, but [...]
  • Toters
    Toters's Story: Do you like other dogs? I have lived with male and female dogs and have done well but we were all related so I will need careful slow intros with any new doggies I don't know [...]
  • Dawn
    Dawn's Story: Do you like other dogs? My history with dogs is unknown, so I may be best as the only dog in the home. Dawn's info: Pet ID #: 22442202 Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier/American [...]
  • Jena
    Jena's Story:         Jena is a young and spunky Shepard mix. She's a little over a year old and has a HUGE brain! She loves, loves, loves, to learn.  Jena is house [...]
  • Mango
    Mango's Story: Do you like other dogs? I have lived with another female dog and did well but here at the shelter I haven't been doing so well with the other dogs. I might do best as the only [...]
  • Danner
    Danner's Story: Do you like other dogs? I have lived with other dogs but was protective of food, toys and treats so will do best as the only dog in my new family. What do you think about cats? I [...]

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