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  • Tommy
    Tommy's Story: Breed: American Bulldog (Johnson-type)Sex: Male-ntAge: 3 years Size: Medium/largeCoat-color: White with Brindle MarkingsGroup: Working – CompanionEnergy level: Moderately-low/ModerateSweet-natured, casually relaxed, mild-mannered, and extremely friendly, this handsome hunk [...]
  • Luna
    Luna's Story: Breed: Boston Terrier/Boxer-mixSex: Female-spAge: 1.5 years Size: Medium/tallCoat-color: White and BrindleGroup: Non-sporting/Working – CompanionEnergy level: Moderate/Moderately-highLuna is an outgoing, sweet, sensitive, and affectionate canine who genuinely loves people an [...]
  • Mabel
    Mabel's Story: Meet Mabel! This little pocket pit bull mix is less than 20 pounds and just about six months old. Mabel is still a puppy at heart and loves to snuggle and play with everyone she meets. She has a playful personality and is looking for someone who loves fun as much as she does. Mab [...]

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    SMOKEY's Story: SMOKEY's info: Pet ID #: 8049364-A063762 Breed: Domestic Mediumhair Color: Gray Or Blue Sex: Female Age: Adult SMOKEY is: already spayed
    SMOKEY's Story: SMOKEY's info: Pet ID #: 8049361-A056234 Breed: Domestic Mediumhair Color: Gray Or Blue Sex: Male Age: Adult SMOKEY is: already neutered
  • TINY
    TINY's Story: TINY's info: Pet ID #: 8049365-A063766 Breed: Domestic Mediumhair Color: Orange Or Red Sex: Male Age: Adult TINY is: already neutered
    NELLA's Story: NELLA's info: Pet ID #: 8049363-A063753 Breed: Domestic Mediumhair Color: Brown Or Chocolate Sex: Female Age: Adult NELLA is: already spayed
  • Oliver
    Oliver's Story: Oliver was found in a Panera parking lot by his foster mom. He was filthy and wandering alone scared out of his mind. He had fleas and was covered in dirt. His foster mom looked for any other kittens or his mom, but couldn't find anyone else. He was so shy and scared at fir [...]
  • Topsy
    Topsy's Story: This is Topsy. He is a sweet little guy, who would rather cuddle than anything else. He plays well with the other foster kittens and likes the older resident cat. He is even sweet with the resident dogs. There isn't anyone he doesn't like. He is a lap cat who would do w [...]
  • Alex
    Alex's Story: Hi this is Alex. He's incredibly difficult to get a picture of since all he wants to do is snuggle and play. He's about 6 months. He is white with brown tabby patches. Alex is very, very sweet and loves to give kisses. He loves other cats and does great with dogs. He get [...]
  • Tony
    Tony's Story: Tony is a lovely boy. He is a young cat, only 4 years old. He has a very, very loud purr, and is made of purr love. Tony likes to cuddle!! He is kid, cat, and dog friendly. If you are interested in meeting or adopting Tony, please contact his foster, Lynn, at 419-346-0710. - See m [...]
  • Tangjello
    Tangjello's Story: Tangjello is 2 years old. She is sweet and fun. This girl likes other kitties and loves to be petted. If you are interested in meeting or adopting Tangjello, please contact her foster, Karen R, at 419-944-4251. - See more at: [...]


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