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    SHADOW's Story: SHADOW's info: Pet ID #: 7611275-A062199 Breed: Shiba Inu Mix Size: Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg) Color: Unknown Sex: Male Age: Young SHADOW is: already neutered
    MISSY's Story: MISSY's info: Pet ID #: 7611276-A062231 Breed: Chihuahua Mix Size: Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn Sex: Female Age: Adult MISSY is: already spayed
  • BEAR
    BEAR's Story: BEAR's info: Pet ID #: 7610070-A062267 Breed: Chihuahua Mix Size: Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less Color: Unknown Sex: Male Age: Young BEAR is: already neutered
    MELODY's Story: MELODY's info: Pet ID #: 7610071-A062380 Breed: Pit Bull Terrier Mix Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg) Color: Red/Golden/Orange/Chestnut Sex: Female Age: Young MELODY is: already spayed
    BETSEY's Story: BETSEY's info: Pet ID #: 7610072-A062410 Breed: English (Redtick) Coonhound Mix Size: Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg) Color: Tricolor (Tan/Brown & Black & White) Sex: Female Age: Adult BETSEY is: already spayed
    ZEEKE's Story: Hello there, my name is Zeeke. I may be an older gentleman but I still have a lot of lovin'' left! Some of my favorite things are taking naps and going for walks. If you have it in your heart to adopt a guy like me I promise you will not be sorry! ZEEKE's info: Pet [...]
    SHILO's Story: I''m shilo. I am a sweet, calm, goofy girl. I love attention and food. I would love a calm home that I can just relax in. Go for an occasional walk around the block or to the park. SHILO's info: Pet ID #: 7605333-A062351 Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix Size: Med. 26- [...]
    SHEEBA's Story: I am queen Sheeba. I am a pretty independent girl that needs some time to adjust. I came from a pretty big family of dogs so I don''t mind living with them, even though I do not do much playing. I have short hair so you do not have to worry about much grooming. I am ve [...]

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    SIRUS's Story: My name is Blackberry. I am about 4 months old and I was brought in because I was a kitten that had no home. I went into a foster home so I could grow up to be adopted. The only problem was that there were too many kittens and I got over looked. I am a real love bug and very swee [...]
    GINGER's Story: GINGER's info: Pet ID #: 7608988-A062438 Breed: Domestic Mediumhair Color: Orange Or Red Sex: Female Age: Adult GINGER is: already spayed
    BUBBLES's Story: 1 Year  DSH Black/White  My kittens and I were tossed in a box and dumped down in front of a grooming salon near PAWS. PAWS took us in and is helping us get a new forever home. I love attention, and sometimes will give you a little gnaw to get it. I'd do best in [...]
  • SUDS
    SUDS's Story: 4 Months DSH Grey Tabby/White  My mom and I were dumped in a tote outside of the groomers down the plaza. Paws came to the rescue and took us in. I am a very friendly kitten who just loves to run and play. My siblings found their forever home and now it’s my turn. [...]
    SQUEEGEE's Story: DSH Black/White 7 Months  I was just a tiny little kitten and I was dumped in a junk yard. Lucky for me a nice lady found me and took me home. Paws did not have room so she kept me till they did. I was then brought in to find a forever home. I am a very sweet boy who just [...]
    LOTTIE's Story: 2 Years  DSH Red patch Tabby  Sometimes you just can’t resist the comfort of laying out in the sun in a nice lounge chair. I was living around Big Lots and had people giving me food and had all the furniture to call my own. One day an employee came shopping [...]
    LILLY ANN's Story:  2 Years  DLH Black/White  I was living around a greenhouse for a while but they decided they were not going to feed me anymore. A nice lady came in to buy flowers and seen me so she took me home. They were not able to keep me so they made arrangements wit [...]
    GRAMPS's Story: GRAMPS's info: Pet ID #: 7607604-A062275 Breed: Domestic Mediumhair Color: Unknown Sex: Male Age: Senior GRAMPS is: already neutered
    PIXEL's Story: 5-6Months  DSH Black    I lived outside with a feral colony and Humane Ohio was trapping and fixing everyone. I was caught in a trap and I just didn’t want to be let go again. I purred and loved on everyone! They made arrangements for me to come to [...]
    GRACEY's Story: 2 Years DSH Black/White  I was another one of those stories you hear about all of the time….my guardian decided not to fix me so SURPRISE! I got pregnant, and then dumped outside of some business. One of the employees took me home, cleaned me up and gave me lots [...]


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