Affordable Local Advertising

1000 tweets $10


1000 different tweets randomly rotating 1 every 10 hours for 1000 tweets (campaign lasts about 12 months)

Here’s how:

-Send us 10 tweets for your business

-Please keep your tweets 135 characters or less.

-Please do not add any special characters to your tweets.  Hashtags (#) are ok.

-Don’t forget to tell us what city (or cities) you are interested in

-Email them the CONTACT button on this page or anywhere on our site.


-We may add the hashtag #Ad to your tweets.

-NO CHANGES. Once your tweets are programmed into our system we cannot change them. Please be sure your tweets are exactly how you want them before submitting them to us.

-Other restrictions may apply


If you are not a local business but still want to use our twitter services, please check out our @National_Buzz twitter account.  With just over 6500 followers reading our national news content, this advertising vehicle may be just what you need to reach buyers from all over the US!

We are here to help!

Please email ANY questions about our network and someone will get back to you ASAP:


Did you know?

Twitter can help improve your SEO (search engine optimization)
Twitter can help improve PageRank
Twitter can help build Social Links
Twitter #hashtags can help improve SEO and PageRank
Twitter @mentions can help improve SEO and PageRank

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